Welcome to INDI-YOGA!

What is indi-Yoga?

Connecting you with your independent Spirit.

This style of yoga offers the opportunity to work through your body to understand your internal dialogue.  It works on your defaults and habit patterns of your mind toward freedom.

It offers experience to observe, work with and persevere through the physical to understand mental or emotional blockages in a non-violent way.                  

Classes vary to inspire independence, mentally and physically.  Classes promote consciousness of breath and self study to get out of the box.

Who will be attracted to IndiYoga: if you are curious about the mechanics of the mind and the mind-body relationship, if you like to challenge your body and mental perceptions, if you wish to live a creative life, if you are ready for change.

 ** The Haum of Yoga CC Yoga Teacher Training Manual 2008**


The practice of physical postures in yoga is called ASANA, which is Sanskrit for 'seat'. While the aim of asana is ultimately to perfect your ability to sit comfortably ready for meditation, there are many beneficial side effects to their practice.  Appropriate asana practice can encourage a healthy range of motion in the body, counteracting stiffness, building strength and stability, increasing vitality and promoting efficient functioning of all bodily systems.  Its primary benefita, however, is to increase awareness of the physical body.

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